Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Handmade Segmented Cambridge Pen

This is a Cambridge Rollerball Pen with sterling silver and 24 karat gold hardware. The barrels are made out of a segmented blank that I assembled from 3 materials. First I took a white with gold matrix "Tru-Stone" blank and routed 1/4 inch square recesses along the corners. These recesses were filled with Gaboon Ebony and Flush trimmed even with the original blank using a 1/2 inch bearing guided router bit with a top mounted bearing. Finally I cut the first part of the segmented blank 3/8 of an inch shorter than the tubes and glued the red with gold matrix "Tru-Stone" pieces even with the other parts. these were cut to 1/2 inch to provide some clearance. Finally the blanks were drilled and the tubes were centered using a depth gauge to make sure the red segments were even on both ends. From there it was turned and finished like a standard pen. The blank was glued using "Titebond Polyurethane Glue" for strength in the joint between the plastic and wood components. I like the quality and strength of the Polyurethane glue very much that I may experiment using it to glue the blank to the brass tube as long as the blank is wood I don't think strength can be beat and with the squeeze out turning to a tough foam which is easily removed with a knife it cant be beat for cleanup. Also, the glue comes in a small 4Add Image oz or so bottle so the 1 year shelf life of polyurethane glue after being opened doesn't become waste. Another good product from Titebond.

Now some pictures.